Family Time Parenting Teenagers

Family Time Parenting Teenagers is a six session course developed by Paul and Christine Perkin. It provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with other parents facing similar issues through the teenage years.

Parents of teenagers easily become isolated from each other when there is no more standing at the school gate or collecting children from each other’s homes.

Family Time Parenting Children

This course helps parents to take time out to reflect and gain inspiration from others, as well as finding a fresh vision for their family. Our desire is that everyone who does the course discovers how to raise their families confidently and in an atmosphere of fun. Do come and join us!

It is for parents with children aged 0-12 years old who are either just starting out and looking for direction on how to begin or those parents who are seeking fresh input into their parenting.

What are people’s experience of the course?

The Marriage Course

Giving couples the tools to build strong and healthy marriages.

This course provides a vital opportunity to talk about important issues that can get swept under the carpet in the rush of daily life.

Topics include:

The Marriage Preparation Course

The Marriage Preparation Course is for any engaged couple, or couple in their first year of married life, who wants to develop foundations for a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

'So many couples spend so much time preparing for their wedding ceremony rather than preparing for their marriage. I commend all couples intending to get married to do this course.' - J. John

Alpha Course

Alpha is a 10 week course, giving people from all backgrounds the opportunity to explore the meaning of life, gain a fuller understanding of the basis of Christianity and ask any questions in an open and friendly environment.